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How to Execute Strategy & Deliver Value & Impact in Today’s Turbulent & Uncertain World?

Performing on the Edge of Chaos…

Big Ideas

Decoding the DNA of Effective Strategy-Execution

How to Deal with Today’s Increasingly DANCE
(Dynamic | Ambiguous | Nonlinear | Complex | Emergent) World?

What is Next Generation Project Management & PMO?

How to Develop Strategy-Execution Intelligence?

And a lot more ideas and insights with actionable tips and tools on  Top Ten Next Generation Skills, DANCEing on the Edge of Chaos and a lot more on >
Strategy, Execution, Governance, Change Management, Measurement, Learning, Connection & Communication, Simplicity and more…

1. Strategy-Execution in a

Why it is challenging to execute strategy in a DANCE-World? |Why we need to Rethink and Reinvent in Today’s Turbulent World | What is the Copernican Revolution in Management? | Are You Using Nineteenth & Twentieth Century Management Ideas in the Twenty-First Century? | Do You Know Which Game You are Playing? | How can PM & PMO support disruption instead of being disrupted? | How can Project Management & PMO support, enable, and expedite agility and innovation?

2. Agility: Rigor without Rigidity

How to Reframe the Organizational Operating System and Mind-set for Agility | Distinguishing Traditional versus Evolving/Start-up Agile Approaches | What Is Next-Generation Project Management and PMO? | What are the Seven Keys for Successful Project Management and PMO | How to Shape the Future with Project Management and PMO?

3. Decoding the DNA of Strategy-Execution

Decoding the DNA of Strategy-Execution | Reviewing the DNA Elements Under the Microscope | What Is the Big Deal about the DNA of Strategy Execution? | How to Develop DNA Intelligence?

4. Strategy

What Is Strategy? | How Strategy Is Not Planning? | Whose Fault Is It, Strategy or Execution? |What Is the Role of Project, Program, Portfolio, and PMO in Strategy? | The DNA Strands of Strategy | Selecting, Prioritizing and Balancing: Portfolio Management | Resource Management: Is It Possible to Defy the Laws of Physics? | Evaluating Results, Value, and Impact | How to Develop PM and PMO Strategy Intelligence?

5. Execution

What Is Execution? | Decoding the DNA Strands of Executions |People: Developing Strategy-Execution Capabilities with the Right Talent | Process | Technology: Tools, Systems, Apps and Bots | Flow | How to Design an Adaptive Execution Platform? |Principles of Design Thinking | Designing for Execution Agility | Designing a Scalable Adaptive Execution Platform | Assessing and Maturing Execution Agility | How to Develop Execution Intelligence?

6. Governance

How to Understand and Define the Purpose of Effective Governance? | What are the DNA Strands of Governance? | What is Adaptive Governance? | How to Develop Governance Intelligence?

7. Connect

The Power of Connections | The DNA Strands of Connect: How and What to Connect? | Connecting Stakeholders, Networks, and Connections (Identifying the Invisible) | Connecting Silos: Bridging the Matrix | Connecting Business Activities and Organizational Priorities | Connecting Interfaces and Interdependencies | Why Communication Is Not Enough— Why You Need a MarCom Strategy? | How to Leverage Social Media | How to Strengthen Relationships and Develop Partnerships? | How to cultivate Community and Collaboration?  How to Develop Connect Intelligence?

8. Measure

Why Does Measurement Continue to Be Elusive and Challenging? | What are the DNA Strands of Measure? | How to Define and Measure Success? | Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) | How to Develop a Strategy-Execution Measurement Framework? | How to Measure and Show PMO Value | What are Next-Generation Measures? | What is Project Management Artificial Intelligence (PI) | How to Develop Measure Intelligence?

9. Change

Why Change Is the Catalytic Element in the DNA of Strategy Execution | Why Change Is Hard? | The DNA Strands of Change | How to Develop Change Intelligence? | How to Deal with Change Resistance? | How to Get Results Without Being a Nag? | Managing Change vs. Change Making | How to Change the World with Change Intelligence?

10. Learn

How Traditional PM and PMOs Are Not Organized for Learning? | How to Learn from Failure? | How to Make Failure Survivable? | The DNA Strands of Learn: 7 C’s of Cultivating a Learning Environment | Moving from Continuous Improvement to Continuous Innovation | What is Meta-Learning? | How to Develop Learn Intelligence?

11. Simplify: Building the Department of Simplicity

Why Simplicity is a Strategic Imperative in Today’s DANCE-World? | Optimizing for Efficiency versus Optimizing for Simplicity | Why Is Simplicity Hard? |PM and PMO Principles of Simplicity | How to Build Your Own Department of Simplicity? | Rethinking Maturity: Subtraction, Not Addition |How to Create Raving Project Management and PMO Fans? | How to Develop Simplify Intelligence?

12. Balance: DANCEing on the Edge of Chaos

How to Deal with the DANCE? | How to be Agile Being Agile? | How to Thrive on the Edge of Chaos? | What Is the Next Generation? | What are the Ten Skills for Next Generation Project Management and PMOs? | How to Develop a Project/PMO Delight Index (PDI)?

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